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저를 많이 사랑해주시는 진형입니다. 저두 사랑해요 형.. 그러니까 빨리 와요 밥먹게..ㅋㅋ -JK-

Here’s Jin hyung who loves me a lot. I love you too hyung.. So hurry and come so we can eat.. keke -JK-

J: I love you
JK: What’s this all of a sudden keke
JK: I made bip
JK: bap
J: also
J: I love you

Trans cr; Van @ bts-trans 

leejina20 asked:

Hello I was googling to see if anyone was giving rides from San Diego to Kcon and came across your post! Were you able to find a ride? I'm looking for a ride from San Diego because my ride had an emergency. Thank you!

I have found a ride. Im hoping they dnt bail on me :/. Srry it took a while to answer.

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